Top Five reasons why clients choose Fox Law

No stamp duty for First Time Purchasers on property purchases of up to a value of £300,000. The Chancellors Autumn budget is aimed at trying to support first time buyers in trying to get their foot on property market but does it really make any difference?

If you are about to make the jump on the property marker for the first time you should consider opening a Help to Buy: ISA. The benefit is that as long as your purchase doesn't take place within the next 4 months then you can claim a bonus of at least #400 towards the purchase of your new home.


I have read this article about a divorce App which claims that it will assist in lowering costs on divorce.

I am a Family Lawyer at Fox Law. I have 13 years’ experience dealing with many divorces some extremely acrimonious and some concluding amicably. The bottom line is that if there is lack of agreement between the parties and reluctance to reach a resolution, which will ultimately involve a compromise, then high legal costs will be unavoidable. Litigation will remain the only way to determine intractable issue. As many cases in Northern Ireland involve relatively modest assets that barely cover the cost of re-housing two individuals with their families the legal costs eat away at the lion’s share of the assets that could be put to better use in the longer term. Is the intractable issue really worth lining the pockets of Lawyers? Some people seem to think so at a point in time!

First time buyers are often using gifted money from their mother and/or father to fund the deposit of their first home. It is important to know that any gift provided will need to be verified and banks will often require the giftor (i.e. the mother or father) to sign a declaration confirming that they retain no interest in the gifted deposit and/or the property being purchased.

At Fox Law we strive to make the process of getting expert legal advice from our expert Lawyers as accessible as possible when you need it. That is why Fox Law continues to expand and intends in the coming year to acquire more legal clinics throughout Northern Ireland providing you with direct access to our expert Lawyers in your area. We are also delighted with the launch of our new website.