Criminal Law

Police Stations and PACE Interviews

Criminal Law starts from the minute someone is involved with the Police or other public investigatory body.
You may be interviewed, under caution, and asked to account for what happened or where you were. It is important that you get legal advice from the start.

Everyone is entitled to legal representation at a police station where they are to be interviewed under caution. This advice is free to the recipient and Fox Law offer will attend police interviews out-of-hours. If you find yourself in a police station ask for Fox Law.

Criminal Prosecutions

If you have been prosecuted for an alleged criminal offence it is important to get advice immediately.
Fox Law has experience with dealing with Criminal Cases through all levels of the Court from Magistrates Court, Crown Court and Court of Appeal.

It is important that you provide enough time for the gathering of all the relevant information in relation to your case so that we can decide on the best strategic way forward and advice you of all your best options.

We have a track record of defending clients who have been been prosecuted for an alleged criminal offence.

We can provided Cost Certainty were legal aid is not applicable and provide a defence service on fixed fee basis.

It is important that you have a Lawyer who you can trust and at Fox Law we will work for you and use all our expertise to provide the best defence to what are often extremely stressful and worrying times for you.